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Rob Jonson rob at
Mon Sep 12 10:58:47 BST 2016

> From the contents of my Inbox, I?m fairly sure a few years ago a backup of
> Yahoo mail got hacked (possibly including BT ISP mail, which used Yahoo at
> the time), and the perpetrators extracted address books. So no accounts
> compromised, but convincing spam could be sent.
> It sounds from your description that your friend?s email address wasn?t a
> generic one though - was it a custom domain that forwarded to
> yahoo or something? Also, are the spams being sent definitely ?from? that
> address, or do they have the right name but a random email address in the
> From header?
> Oliver.

He had his address book shared all over the sho, so there are a gazillion
ways it could have happened. (e.g. linked in had access to his yahoo
account, or some similar sharing).
Either way - that horse has bolted, though it seems to be locked down now.

He sends from a custom domain.  Friend at
The spam definitely purports to come from Friend at  I have
received some directly myself.
It does fail the spf checks (I have examined headers and can see rejections
happening) - but that isn't enough to stop it appearing in inboxes.




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