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Rob Jonson rob at
Mon Sep 12 07:55:42 BST 2016

Hi Folks,

I have been helping a friend to try and sort out his emai.

At some point, someone has got hold of his address book. Possibly from a
poorly secured yahoo account or similar.

There is ongoing spam being sent that purports to come from him and is sent
to his clients.

I have helped him to lock things down, and transition to google apps. We
don't think there is any ongoing leak of his addresses (I have not had spam
to new test addresses)

We have implemented SPF and dkim. Spam messages fail the checks - but are
frequently not binned by google et al.

We briefly implemented DMARC - but it resulted in too many false positives
and mail not being delivered (I know that forwarding email between personal
accounts breaks DMARC)

I had hoped that the spam would subside, but after two months or so, there
is still gallons of it.

Is there anything else to do other than nuking the old address and moving
to a new one?

if so - does he need to change domain, or will changing the name@ be

thanks in advance,



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