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[_] UPS for iMac required

sam at sam at
Thu Sep 1 15:03:59 BST 2016

If it's happening quite a lot I'd build one from a leisure battery

& one of these:

You could work for a couple of hours off of it, power some 12v Lights etc etc.

Probably cheaper solutions for shorter runtime though.



Quoting Sam Ross <s3d at>:

> Can anyone recommend a reasonably priced UPS for an iMac (late 2014  
> model, with a 27-inch screen, and 3.5 GHz processor)?
> Living semi-rurally our power supply has its moments, and since  
> upgrading from a laptop to a desktop computer I have been left  
> cursing at a black screen more times than I would care to mention.
> Thankfully, I haven't had to redo too much work as a result of a  
> power outage so far, but I would like a UPS for peace of mind and so  
> I can make sure my work is saved and shut down while I wait for the  
> power to return.
> Many thanks for any suitable suggestions
> Sam
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