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[_] SQL / MS Access suggestion?

Oliver Humpage oliver at
Tue May 24 15:22:33 BST 2016

> SELECT '<a href="mailto:'+contact_name.author_email+'">'+contact_name.author_email+'</a>', Authors, Title_and_subtitle
> FROM HEFCE_data INNER JOIN contact_name ON HEFCE_data.Authors LIKE "*"+contact_name.author_name+"*"
> WHERE Record_in_Pure=False
> ORDER BY Authors;
> ...but I'm not there with the grouping yet and it feels like I'm making this more complicated than it should be.

Assuming your problem is that you end up with multiple rows per author (if they have >1 publication), you want the Access equivalent of MySQL’s GROUP_CONCAT(), so googling for "GROUP_CONCAT in Access" might yield info (for instance ).