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Lewis Dexter Litanzios mail at
Tue May 24 13:50:33 BST 2016

Re: attached

Hey all,

Hope you're well

I finally lost my patience with the Wi-Fi dead spot in our home last 
week, so the girlfriend and I are in the market for a powerline

Not that I've purchased hardware for years, but I usually shopped with back then - are they still a decent vendor?

They currently stock the following brands ( 

- British Telecom
- D-Link
- Devolo
- Intel
- Netgear
- TP-Link
- Trendnet
- ZyXEL need to step up their Twitter game �� ~

I've read some of you recommending in the past..?

It would be nice to deal with UK-ish brands (if they exist)..?

I wondered if there were lesser known brands to look out for..?

Hope to hear back

Kind thanks
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