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[_] Database choice for a social media platform

Russ Topia russf at
Thu May 19 09:34:53 BST 2016

> On 18 May 2016, at 23:43, Russ Topia <russf at> wrote:
> S3. Done!

Just expanding a bit.

I tend to use Django as my web framework. There is a lot of great support for S3 based images, thumbnails, uploading, security, etc. 

It's possible to easily store all of your images on S3, automatically have thumbnail images of various sizes computed and stored in a S3 cache directory, and have those images served securely with timed accessed tokens.

Backup for disaster recovery is simple, using S3’s commandline tools.

I have never needed this, but S3 integrates well with Amazon's cloudfront, if very high image delivery performance is essential.  I have always been quite impressed by S3 delivery performance within Europe and the United States.

I have clients who insist on managing their own images internally on their own systems, and it's painful to watch.


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