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[_] Database choice for a social media platform

Tom Spencer fiznool at
Thu May 19 02:07:28 BST 2016

Something else to take into consideration is the 16MB document size limit
in MongoDB. It's tempting to embed replies/comments/reviews as an array
inside a 'post' document but this won't scale and so you'll end up
splitting then out into a separate data model anyway. At which point you'll
wish that you went with a relational db to begin with :-)
On 18 May 2016 20:04, "Nico Burns" <nico at> wrote:

> >
> > Part of me thinks it would be best to aim high and not have to redo
> > everything later,
> The problem is you probably don't know exactly what your needs are going to
> be at this point. If you don't know what you're doing, I would recommend
> sticking with PostgreSQL (or MySQL, but PostgreSQL is probably a better
> bet), and redoing things is necessary when it gets to that point. Either of
> these will easily handle tens of thousands of users if not more, at which
> point you will be in a better position to evaluate which more specialised
> tools fit your use case.
> Others may disagree with me, but I would strongly recommend going with a
> traditional relational-SQL database over a document store like Mongo. At
> small scales the performance difference isn't going to be significant, and
> a traditional database with a defined schema will allow you to catch a lot
> of mistakes that can lead to corrupted or inconsistent data.
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