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[_] Corsair Strafe RGB keyboard for sale

Robin Layfield robin at
Tue May 10 21:50:53 BST 2016

Isn't the DAS keyboard the one that doesn't have any letters on the keys? Wow, you must be a pro…

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Well, the one I use is for development work rather than gaming, it is a DasKeyboard which has a nice feel for constant typing, excellent build quality and I like the layout of the peripheral functions.  

Kind Regards,  
Erik Wallace  

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What was the one you kept / actually use? :)  

On Tuesday, 10 May 2016, Erik Wallace <erik.wallace at> wrote:  

> Hi _ folk,  
> Last year I bought a couple of high end keyboards including a Corsair  
> Strafe RGB with Cherry MX Silent keys. I loved the other one but decided  
> the Corsair is not completely to my taste and I just don't have much time  
> for gaming at the moment, so it is superfluous to my needs; boxed, never  
> used and collecting dust. Are there any gamers here or people with children  
> who love gaming and would be interested in buying it?  
> A Google shopping search tells me it's going for about £130-150 new, but I  
> would be happy to accept £100 + postage (or I could deliver to Bristol city  
> center for the cost of the train fare £7) so there's a good deal for you.  
> Kind Regards,  
> Erik Wallace  
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