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Amias Channer me at
Sat May 7 11:48:28 BST 2016

Hello _


This problem occurs a lot , why don't we have a sensible open schema for CV's
and a transformation for that into a job application ?  
I guess the answer is the scope of it is too large to be feasable for most
organisations and competition seems to be preventing collaboration amongst
those of scale that could do it.  


It would be doable from linkedin if they where not so heavily in the pocket of
sales and recruitment people , my guess is that market generates more money
than doing something usefull for the users that actually provided its data. ho








On May 7 2016, at 11:34 am, Ade Stuart <ade.stuart at> wrote:  

> Some good suggestions being thrown into the ring here. I would like to add  
the option of using 'survey' app suppliers.


> are a good example.


> Pros:  
Implement online, allows piping, pushing of results back to your own SQL  
server, IFTTT compatible.  
Maybe an expensive option


Just a thought


> On 6 May 2016 at 11:52, Oliver Humpage <oliver at> wrote:


> > Hi all,  
> Wondering if anyone knows of a product that would help us...  
> We’d like to move a lot of our PDF/Word/project website specific  
> application forms to a centralised online applications space e.g.  
>, with a strong preference for self hosting (yes,  
> we’re aware of data protection issues).  
> Forms need to be very customisable - job applications, film submissions  
> and residency applications are all very different, to name but three of
> many we have.  
> The front-end needs to be robust, i.e. not just kick up an error and lose  
> all your data if there’s a problem.  
> The back end needs fine grained access controls, eg most of our  
> application forms have an equal ops section that should only be seen by
> Good analytics are needed too to get stats based on form fields (eg to  
> drill down into number of applications by country for film submissions).  
> Is there a decent solution out there? We don’t even mind paying if the  
> product is good (and doesn’t require Windows or Java).  
> Thanks,  
> Oliver.  
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