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[_] Cloud failover

Ben Lane benlane at
Fri May 6 15:46:43 BST 2016

I'm looking for some insights as to how to set up a cloud VM as a failover
server for a project which is running on a physical machine (PM).

Thinking so far: replicate PM on to VM as slave - use rsync or similar to
sync machines. Planning to use monit and Clodflare to triger DNS change if
master server goes down.

Questions: not sure if Google Compute Engine / AWS / DigitalOcean best
platform - and how to set them up for this purpose? Aim is to keep monthly
costs low but have failover and data backup in cloud for occasional safety

Am I thinking in the right way? Any show stoppers here or better options?
Thoughts welcomed.

Regards,  Ben

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