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[_] emailing 60k subscribers

Erik Wallace erik.wallace at
Fri May 6 14:37:46 BST 2016

Hi Martin,

Hmm, I don't know of any free ones whose IP addresses are known to the spam filters. You can get free software that sends bulk email from your desktop but you have the problem that your IP can be blacklisted and there is less certainty that your clients will receive it, especially when it comes to providers such as Yahoo and Gmail who operate rather aggressive filters (I've had Yahoo completely bounce genuine emails from me because it thought I was sending spam).

I'm pretty sure MailChimp will work but you need to pay for it to email more than 2000 recipients. Another popular service for companies is Mandrill but I see that has now been merged into MailChimp.

Mandrill is for personalised, transactional, event-driven email rather than newsletters so you''d have to be careful about the content of the emails. Mandrill is an API based system so I guess we'd need to write a PHP script or something to connect to the API and send the emails. The Mandrill pricing is $20 per 25k of emails. It's all a bit confusing as to how it related to MailChimp pricing though. I hope that sending 60k through Mandrill API doesn't require 60k subscriber limit on MailChimp, so maybe you could just get the smallest paid MailChimp subscription of £6.99?

Kind Regards,
Erik Wallace

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Subject: [_] emailing 60k subscribers

I need to email nearly 60k subscribers, but mail chimp looks like it doesn’t do this many. It’s probably a one-off.

Are there any suitable candidates?

I could do it myself, but would rather not – any decent linux bulk mail frogs out there?


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