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[_] Scrum Master training

Amias Channer me at
Tue Aug 30 10:31:32 BST 2016

Hello _

hope you all had gurt lush bank holidays...

As a software tester that works in agile teams i've become
increasingly aware for the need for test aware scrum masters. This
would make TDD actually work as the task definitions could then be
actual test scripts.This would provide a good way for companies to
move to test driven development which seems popular but many are
scared of the training and downtime required to set it up.
Does that seem like something appealing ?

I am thinking about investing in some scrum master training and was
wondering if anyone had an recommendations for where and how to do
this ?

I currently have a RADTAC Agile practitioner cert and wasn't sure if
its advisable to cross the beams and train with another provider, do
people care that much about this ?