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[_] annonymous interviews.

Derek Almond home at
Fri Jul 24 12:06:31 BST 2015

> It also ignores the fact that white males have highly overinflated opinions
> of themselves and their skills...

personally i'm wracked with self doubt, but that's possibly just me.

> Anonymous self-descriptions by a man and
> a woman with exactly equivalent skills are likely to favour the man because
> whilst women are used to having to continually justify their presence,
> (white) men are not. Men just aren't questioned and called up on things the
> way women are so they learn that their skills are more than sufficient to
> pay the bills, that their opinions and thoughts are always relevant and
> worthwhile.

Not sure i'm following that - care to expand (genuinely curious)   the fact
that women are more used to having to justify them selves would suggest
that they'd be better at it - whereas white men  dont need to as its pretty
much assumed they're right  with out having to justiy why ?    but then,
 if you didn't know i was white, how could you make the assumption about
me? - and so i'd need to do more to convince you i was better than other
candidates, which is a skill i've not had to learn.