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A simple "hi" or "hey" is sufficient


On 22/07/2015 16:36, Thomas Buckley-Houston wrote:
> I am a random, but never-the-less frequent user of underscore. And
> this is a formal telling off from me: please be more polite.
> I am firmly in the camp that 'chaps' and 'guys' do not refer to
> everyone, but I want everyone to feel like they're welcome here.
> These thought experiments may be illuminating:
> Thought Experiment #1: Imagine a room full of men and women. Someone
> stands at the front and says, “I want all the guys to stand up.” What
> happens next?
> Thought Experiment #2: You are with a woman. You tell her you think
> she’s such a guy, a great guy, the smartest guy you’ve ever known.
> Note the expression on her face.
> Thought Experiment #3: You turn on cable news and the first thing you
> hear is someone saying, “Everyone knows it’s a guy’s world.” Picture
> in your mind what he’s trying to say.
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