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[_] Freelancer needed for my mates brother in law's web site :)

Mike Stuart mikestuart at
Wed Jul 22 17:57:56 BST 2015

Sorry [_] I meant to email this off list... although so far I have got off
lightly it seems!


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Hi Jo


The work that you're asking for is my speciality really. I tend to work on
designing and building Wordpress websites for small businesses, start-ups
and sole traders. As a result I've become quite good at explaining technical
terms in less intimidating ways, being very aware of how people can panic
when overwhelmed with new concepts and technical ideas.


Also, I have a very strong sense of design, but I'm always careful to make
sure that the design works well for the particular target audience. I also
do a lot of asking the client to keep focussed on what they want their site
to achieve, whether it is to reach a better customer base, sell products or
to define their brand to new customers.


I'm a sole trader myself so I consult, design and build sites with a
practical understanding of how to design sites that actually work and will
display correctly on different devices, but my favourite part of the work is
the design, so I would enjoy this work.


I'm currently building two Nail and Eyebrow websites which has a similar
target audience to a hairdressers, so I should be able to tune in to what
your client wants.


Here are some diverse examples of my recent work:


. essentially flat design but using a
paper texture and a minimal amount of Celtic border decoration to create an
atmosphere of academic research and history. 

. flat design but with a teeny bit of gradient in
the header and some subtle drop shadows where necessary. I'm very pleased
with the speech bubble motif which was an inspirational solution to finding
an appropriate brand, that is used in a practical way in the tag cloud using
CSS and no graphics. I made the site to be  fool-proof and the owner is
making good use of the site

.  A site for the South Western
Ambulance Trust to advertise their internal training courses. The courses
can be booked and managed through the site. The site uses the highest SSL
certificate and encryption because NHS rules are very strict about holding

. The style has been stripped of most
Wordpress items to show the photos at their best. The site also has a secure
client area for sharing large files.

. This is an example of a site
with a lot of content, using a very simple design to avoid confusion. 


If you would like to discuss the work give me a call on 0787 0430342


All the best





Mike Stuart

Disphoria Design


 <mailto:mike at> mike at

tel. 0117 3739623

mob. 0787 0430342


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