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[_] Android UI Developers - Central Bristol - ASAP

Shane McEwan shane at
Mon Jul 20 17:17:32 BST 2015

On 20/07/15 14:38, Stewart wrote:
> Afternoon All
> We are seeking Android UI Developers on behalf of a company based in 
> the centre of Bristol. Applicants will ideally have delivered 
> multiple native Android projects and held specific responsibility
> for developing great user interfaces.  These are contract roles and 
> should run for 2 - 3 months initially but with a strong probability 
> of further contract extensions. The client hasn't stipulated a rate 
> at this time so if you're interested in applying please send me your 
> CV (or LinkedIn, Stack overflow link etc) along  some guidance 
> regarding your desired rate.

Not to stand on your coat tails, Stewart, but $work is also looking
for an Android developer, in this case full-time, permanent. I've been
meaning to post it here for a while but keep forgetting.

We're a small company in Bath. A great bunch of people to work with
doing really interesting things. We've got the funding to triple our
developer workforce in the next 12 months so this is a great opportunity
to get in early and have a real impact on our product.

Also looking for an Erlang developer (just in case any are lurking on
the list. :-) ).