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[_] Monitor/Screen Recommendations

Keith Jackson keith at
Thu Jul 16 13:06:08 BST 2015

I've now got 2 27" ViewSonic VP2770's and I couldn't rate them highly enough. I was torn this time round between getting the WQHD or 4k version but for financial reasons stuck with WQHD.

The WQHD one is about £420 and the 4k will hit you up for £700 plus change

I tried the Dells but found them flat and often faulty.

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Hi All,

Has anyone got any recommendations for a screen?

I'm after another screen for a 15" rMBP (late 2013 with thunderbolt 2) - preferably 27" (2560x1440)... Its for work, (so not really fussed for gaming/video playback).

Of course there is the thunderbolt display which "just works" and has the thunderbolt pass through (which sounds very appealing as i'm a little anal about cable management) but its about £900 and quite old now...

I've also seen the Dell U2715H which is new, way cheaper and looks nice but won't be as "connector friendly" as the thunderbolt display.

Any others?

Also for info, I would like to connect to the MBP:-
1) another older 24" display port screen
2) ethernet connection
3) a couple of USB devices

Thoughts? What does everyone else use?


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