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[_] Can anyone recommend a good Chiropractor in or around Clevedon?

Keith Jackson keith at
Wed Jul 15 15:31:16 BST 2015

Thanks Amias,

Nice balanced response. I couldn't agree more.


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Hello _

The thing with these sorts of treatments is it depends on the nature of the injury to the back.

Some are the result of physical impact or over-exertion , these usually are better treated by more conventional medicine as they tend to need more mechanical solutions.

Some are the result of a complex interaction of bad habits or depression , these can often be better treated by alternative techniques as they need a combination of cognitive and physical treatments.

I have had success and failures with both approaches so prefer to recognise that both aproaches are valid

I find the abusive attitude of the skeptic movement against alternative treatments to be boorish and rude. Its not any of your business how people are treated and to flatly decry a treatment you know nothing about is fundamentally in conflict with the scientific method which is fundamentally open minded. A good scientist recognises that they don't know everything and tries not to get too boolean about stuff , especially in human biology. A popular scientist however just says things that sound good in headlines and gets them attention.

There are plenty of dodgy alternative therapies out there just as there are bad doctors


On 15 July 2015 at 14:38, David Hodgkinson <davehodg at> wrote:
> Yay! Anecdata!
>> On 15 Jul 2015, at 14:26, Damian Webber <damian.webber at> wrote:
>> ched-back-to-standing-tall-in-10-days-5260209/
>> Incredible video shows teen go from hunched back to standing tall in 
>> 10 days
>> This video of a 17-year-old boy going from being in extreme pain with 
>> a hunched back, to walking tall, in just 10 days, is going viral online.
>> The video was posted on Reddit by user Duggerdean with the comment: 
>> ‘I used to be a skeptic about chiropractor care until I started 
>> watching this channel. His latest video is so amazing.’
>> The video they refer to is that of Dr Ian Watch, who practises at 
>> Gonstead Chiropractic in Victoria, Australia – and his teenage 
>> patient Muntathar Altaii from the US.
>> At the start of the year, Muntathar injured himself pulling up a tree root.
>> He was left permanently hunched over, in excruciating pain. He spent 
>> the next three months bed-ridden.
>> Despite going to A&E nine times, he says no one was able to help him.
>> As a last resort, in April, he decided to travel to Australia with 
>> his dad Asmir to meet with Dr Ian.
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