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[_] Advice re app store review submission

Tim Kindberg tim at
Tue Jul 14 11:48:40 BST 2015

Thanks, all, for your advice.

I've decided to lose this battle in the interests of getting the app out 
there, albeit with reduced functionality: I'm going to disable the 
downloads. Putting a 'report this' (as offensive) button against a 
moderated video of a young person expressing their views on human rights 
is undermining of that video and therefore not acceptable. Apple's 
position is a triumph of corporate paranoia over reason. The app is 
principally for making and uploading the videos (based in part on 
examples I was going to supply dynamically), so it's not the end of the 



On 14/07/2015 11:36, Rob Jonson wrote:
> I have had limited success in discussing review decisions - but never
> quickly.
> My approach was to set out clearly why I didn't think I was breaking the
> listed rule (or at least the intent of the rule).
> My guess is that whenever there is reasonable doubt, then the app might get
> bumped up a level to a more senior reviewer - but that takes more time.
> The rule in play here seems to be:
> -Apps that display user generated content must include a method for
> filtering objectionable material, a mechanism for users to flag offensive
> content, and the ability to block abusive users from the service
> I would say that your options are
> a) convince apple that there is no user-generated content
> b) comply with the rule
> If you want to argue for an exception to the rule (on the grounds that
> everything is reviewed by you) then that is probably a decision for an
> appeal and a long wait while it bounces up to the top review committee.
> App review times for the standard process are currently ~7 days
> Requesting an expedited review should get that down to 2-4 days (though I
> have had expedited reviews taking a week).
> So, I'd add +1 to fix your bugs, comply with the rules and accept the
> glorious beneficent wisdom of your apple overlords.
> cheers,
> Rob

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