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[_] Advice re app store review submission

Tim Kindberg tim at
Tue Jul 14 07:43:18 BST 2015

Dear _,

Is there anyone out there with a lot of experience of app store 
submissions who could offer advice on how best to get my rejected app 
through the process asap?

I've had an app rejected because it downloads videos and doesn't have a 
'report this video' button next to them. Without going into a full 
explanation, the content is moderated (by me) and it doesn't need and 
shouldn't have one.

I've been trying to seek clarification from apple. Time is tight, and 
they haven't replied to my second message 2 days after taking 24 hours 
to reply to the first (without changing their position). They ignored my 
request to expedite the review at the start of the process. In the 
meantime, we've discovered minor bugs and want to submit a new binary 

The app is part of a project about young people and human rights 
( rights). It's time-critical so it's very 
frustrating not to know how to get it out there.

I'll buy some beers / coffees for anyone who can help with how best to