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[_] Storing user information without the hassle

Joe Woodhouse joewoodhouse30 at
Mon Jul 6 09:34:15 BST 2015

Hi all,

So I'm starting work on a new mobile application for a client. It is
intended to be used by medial professionals, but it would be available for
free on the app store(s) so theoretically anyone could use it. To this end,
the client wants the user to fill in a "who are you and what is your
background" sort of form when they first install the app, and then for this
information to be submitted somewhere. Obviously this doesn't actually stop
Jonny-anybody using the application and filling in some bogus information,
but the client is fine with that.

The question is the where to store this. The client (and neither us) want
to have to setup and maintain a server somewhere purely to store this quite
simple information. Does anyone have any bright ideas on what we could
store this in? The client would want to for example dump all the users out
of this service into some sort of excel-able format.

So far my best idea is a MailChimp subscriber list with a lot of custom
fields. When the user fills out the form the phone does the relevant API
calls to add the subscriber to the list.

Any other/better ideas much appreciated!

Joe Woodhouse