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Amias Channer me at
Thu Jul 2 11:14:19 BST 2015

On 1 July 2015 at 10:33, 2966710 . <us.redpumas at> wrote:
> You may have a hardware fault.

now that mac use x86 processors you can use an most linux install cd's
to run memtest.
There is probably a mac specific equivalent in its magic firmware but
sometimes it helps to
test with a different system.

memtest will copy data back and forth in memory doing checksums, if
you leave this running
overnight and it comes up with errors in the morning then get it
repaired. Its pretty clear when it
finds errors and there is plenty of online help if you need to
understand more about it.

Obviously its not a total guarantee but its a pretty easy way to test
a machine for basic
hardware sanity without the OS or its drivers confusing the issue, i
wouldn't use anything that can't do that.

As regards your jpg issue , its probably the mime type.