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[_] (Freelance) Graphic Designer looking for more clients

kieran parker kieran7_7 at
Wed Jul 1 09:56:20 BST 2015

Hi All,
I am a Graphic Designer based in North Somerset and I am currently looking to take on more freelance work and potentially develop some more business relationships. 
I am at a Junior Level, I am experienced with all required software such as Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, In design, Sketch 3 etc. I do both print and digital design, these include brand design, editorial design, app and websites, posters/flyers, as well as a majority of other things related to design. Digital design is definitely one of the strongest areas of my skill set. I have sensible/logical head for understanding user journeys and designing with that in mind, but I need to stress that I'm not a coder. Of course as I'm at junior(ish) level I am available for a low day rate and happy to negotiate on longer bookings. Happy to work onsite or offsite in the area depending on what is needed.After having such a huge response last time I posted, I wanted to post again so that I am able to gain more helpful/friendly contacts, as well as maybe find a few additional clients. Hopefully some of you will get in contact with me!You can find examples of my work at or you could email me and I would be happy to send other examples. Feel free to contact me via my personal email at kieran7_7 at
Thanks all!