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[_] iOS app store submission woes

Mark Chitty mark.chitty at
Mon Nov 18 18:04:21 GMT 2013


I've not had this specifically. But I have had a real nightmare making sure
all my ducks were in a row (as it were) before I could produce an app. have
you tried starting from scratch in xcode? I.e. new Cordova project, move
files and plugins across, delete/reinstall PPs and then rebuild.?

I wonder if the project itself has got it's knickers in a twist? selecting
the right PPs for the appropriate situation is also a bit of a mare ...


On 18 November 2013 17:41, s'unya <sunya.dickman at> wrote:

> Hello me hearties,
> I've been working myself into a recursive jelly mould over a strange issue
> trying to validate an iOS app.
> I'm submitting the app as a developer for another company rather than my
> usual account. As far as I can work out I have correctly generated my code
> signing certs for that company and my provisioning profiles use these,
> however when I come to validate the archive it claims that I have a
> provisioning profile embedded in the app that isn't associated with my
> account and asks me to use a PP associated with a Team ID that I don't
> recognise.
> This is the first time this has happened with me and I have tried all the
> possible combinations of PP that I can think of without success.
> The app is a cordova/phonegap wrapped html build and I have the cordova
> project not being signed (though I have tried signing it with my certs,
> etc)... I'm pretty much out of options and I'm hoping someone has come
> across this before and solved it or has any thoughts that I might not have
> tried. ?
> Any help mucho appreciado.
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