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[_] OT: Better heating control (was Re: OT: Installing wood burner)

Russ Ferriday rf at
Mon Nov 11 22:34:17 GMT 2013

Dare I throw in the term 'rocket stove' -- I'm sure _ has already been there. 

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> On 11 Nov 2013, at 22:22, MJ Ray <mjr at> wrote:
> Damian Webber wrote:
>> Back to wood burners, they're not cheap to buy, install or run. I don't think you'd ever get the installation costs back these days. My G+ account has some pics showing ours going in and also home made wood store (I have two now!). But if you have a hole with nothing to go in it, then you're going to have to pay for some sort of fire regardless
> claims to be using the BERR ( data and arrives at the relative
> prices for 16MWh of £2442 for electric heating, £1229 for electric
> storage heaters, £1173 for oil, £800 for gas and £622-889 for wood
> (chips or pellets).
> Of course, it depends on the type of wood burner, what the alternative
> is and if it can serve some purpose like heating one room instead of the
> whole house.
> Not sure what's best for the previously-mentioned room, though.
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