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[_] Federated Identity Management

James Bewley jamesbewley at
Wed May 29 12:32:38 BST 2013

Afternoon Hive,

Has anyone out there had a positive experience with federated identity
management systems?

I'm working on an enterprise application that currently has a complex
security model using it's own internal user directory.  Federated identity
management and Single-Sign on crops up fairly often in business
requirements but we've held out from implementing SSO as it's a shed load
of effort with only marginal benefits.

I would ideally like to cover as many user directories as possible with a
single implementation and don't want to be tied into a single vendor (like
MS Active Directory) so considering a standalone management system
like atlassian
get broad coverage.

Of course there are 73 other systems to evaluate so would love to hear any
success stories.