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[_] Ghost: a new open source blogging platform (Kickstarter)

Keir Moffatt hello at
Tue May 21 08:56:51 BST 2013

On Monday, May 20, 2013, Nico Burns wrote:

> I think this is a really important project (I've backed it), and luckily I
> also think it will do well. My reasoning is this:
> 1. Publishing really is the core of the web. The web does other things
> well, but the thing that society gains most from it is the easy spread of
> information (and maybe communications, but that's fairly well solved
> already). Furthermore, there isn't yet a really good publishing platform
> that allows you to keep control of your data (WordPress was good for it's
> time, but it isn't tumblr easy).
> 2. They are following the open 'Mozilla model' of business. I can't tell
> you how happy I am about this. I think a lot more business (not just web
> business) is going to move in this direction in the future (at least I
> really hope so), and the fact that such a fundamental part of the web is
> going to be developed in this way is really really good thing.
> 3. They are using the right technology. Node.js is really well designed,
> and despite being new, already has tons of third party libraries and tools.
> It's easy to develop for, and it's easy to develop *good* code using it.
> Markdown also strikes me as a good choice, use it front and centre in a big
> app and nobody will think twice about it. It also fits their goal of
> improving *publishing*.
> In essence: they are trying to solve the right problem, in the right way,
> with the right tools. A recipe for success if I ever saw one. I for one
> shall definitely be getting involved...


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