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[_] Python Ate my PHP developers

Matt Hamilton matth at
Wed May 15 10:19:12 BST 2013

On 15 May 2013, at 09:13, Marek Wawro wrote:

> Hi Guys,
> Azimo seems to rocketing up and start disclosing some caveats arround php
> (mainly ralated to single thread parsed scripts) which doesn't allow us
> build deamons, as we got to the level well are transactions are done all
> the time (and that requires bit dirty hacks arround php).
> Currently we are strating to rewrite our trading deamon in some other
> platform. (To be clear ZF will sit on front page as long there will be
> support for php and zend framework :)
> My first thought was JAVA and jboss, but eqaully that is to heavy for the
> job needed. And as my pride and honour doesn't let me touch .net and ruby
> (religious things) it looks like python will be our back office solution.
> Effectively I want to build seperate machine which only receive and books
> soap calls and make necessary database entries, I am intending to have
> standalone deamon, idealy with self written http server (or hopefully some
> solutions comes with some frameworks) working as internal webservice.
> Is there are word of wisdom or good practices which be worth for me to have
> look before starting project?

Python would certainly be a good fit for that. Although I would be honest and say SOAP is generally a 2nd class citizen compared to in the Microsoft world. I've been working on some SOAP stuff this week (talking to Sharepoint via the CMIS SOAP API to from Plone to display Sharepoint content in Plone). Suds was the best SOAP library I found, but I was using it as a client, not server side. And still had to fork it to put in some support for multipart binary responses from Sharepoint.

I'd definitely start with Pyramid as a framework as that allows you to use whatever technologies you want for data storage (ie. RDBMS, ZODB, etc). And has support for multiple renderers for views (good for REST API, not so sure about SOAP).

We've used Rabbit MQ for queuing here at Netsight and it seems to work pretty well from Python.


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