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[_] FTP space for media files

Martin Wheatley martin at
Fri May 3 08:18:49 BST 2013

On 03/05/2013 01:24, Rick Hurst wrote:
> I set up an FTP account for a client of mine (TV/Film production) to
> use to store and transfer media files. The host company (servage) have
> changed their terms and conditions so that media files, and in
> particular copyrighted materials cannot be stored on their servers if
> they aren't deemed assets of a website, and I received an email
> earlier complaining that I was in breach of this. So, any suggestions
> of a suitable host to move them to - they just need an FTP account for
> sharing large video and audio files with clients (nothing dodgy). It
> needs to be FTP really rather than any of that fancy 21st century file
> storage / transfer.

What's the requirements ? Bandwidth, disc space ? Cost ? Backups ?