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[_] Mitch Altman Soldering Workshop

Tarim underscore at
Thu May 2 10:38:06 BST 2013

  Thought I'd delurk briefly in case anyone is interested in coming along
to Mitch Altman's soldering workshop at Bristol Hackspace on Saturday
May 11th.

  Your chance to learn to solder (or learn to solder better) and to build
one or more of Mitch's kits:
TV-B-Gone - turn off TVs in public places
TripGlasses - meditate, hallucinate, and trip out
Mignonette Game kit - make your own handheld game console
Trippy RGB Waves kit - interactive blinky lights
LEDcube kit - animated 3D cube
HELLO Name Badge kit - wear your name in lights
MiniPOV kit - write messages in the air
MintyBoost kit - charge your USB enabled gadgets
BoArduino kit - make your own fully functional Arduino
FTDI Friend - programming and communications cable
Open Heart kit - animate fun patterns in the shape of a heart
LoL Shield kit - lots of LEDs for your Arduino
Drawdio kit - make noise by drawing lines with a pencil
Atari Punk Console kit - cool music synthesizer
Microcontroller programmer kit - USBtinyISP

  There are a limited number of places even though we've recently doubled
the size of the Bristol Hackspace.  Cost is £20 (or £10 if you sign up
as a Hackspace member) and kits are around £15.

  A good first step towards building a scoring system for a game ;)

  If you can't make it then Mitch is effusing about the wonders of
Hackerspaces at the Pervasive Media Studio Friday lunchtime talk on the
10th May.