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[_] Unwanted Gaming PC?

Ryan T Nerd bristol.developer.ryan at
Wed Jul 31 17:17:50 BST 2013

That processor would be a bit iffy I reckon. Also the graphics card isn't
going to cope with any modern games given that a decent modern game expects
a 1gb gfx card at least (I'd not go lower than an 8800 personally but
GT300+ is more sane). is a reasonably
cheap machine and I've had novatech stuff before with reliable results.

On 31 July 2013 17:11, Matt Pass <matt at> wrote:

> I do have an old PC that's probably fine for gaming as long as it's not
> cutting edge.
> Specs..
> AMD Sempron 2.6Ghz, 4GB RAM, DVD-R
> About 400-500GB HDD space I think?
> Win XP, Tower case (incl RGB lights)
> nVidia geForce 6100 graphics, 256MB
> Also have Acer 19" monitor (4:3 ratio), keyboard, mouse & cables for it
> Seem to remember playing Doom 3 on it and that ran OK?
> On 31/07/2013 16:49, Mark Chitty wrote:
>> afternoon all,
>> Bit of a long shot, but does anyone have an old gaming PC knocking about
>> they would want to sell?
>> I'm not after something particularly hardcore (or new), nothing needs to
>> be
>> backlit in green neon. And I'm just after the box, and the key criteria is
>> 3d fps rendering speed per £ (i.e. Unity, Unreal engine etc).
>> m
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