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[_] Got an iPad, know JS & PHP and got 20 mins? Become a legend!

Matt Pass matt at
Wed Jul 24 13:52:47 BST 2013

Now that is a really good suggestion (plus I've always meant to give 
Browserstack a try).

Looks very good from what I can see. Tho I see all 4 of my demos are 
indeed busted. :-/

Anyone know if the iOS simulator comes with a console? Want to check if 
there's any JS errors.

Even so, good suggestion and will prob get a subscription to 
Browserstack already. (Impressed!).


On 24/07/2013 13:44, nick at wrote:
> You could try
> They have all the emulators going available for mobile testing, and the usual dev tools installed on VMs
> There is a free trial too.
> Nick Downton
> Senior Developer
> Proctor & Stevenson Ltd.
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> Thanks, but I have a deep rooted aversion to giving Apple any money. :P
> (Even more so after recent hacking issues at the dev site).
> PS - I don't own a Mac. That makes me a legend also! :D
> PPS - No one reply starting a Mac v PC debate. It'll never end...each to their own 'n all that
> On 24/07/2013 13:20, Owen Curtis-Quick wrote:
>> On 24 Jul 2013, at 10:03, Matt Pass <matt at> wrote:
>>> Hey underscore peeps
>>> I'm trying to get ICEcoder v3 (open source web editor/IDE - see here
>>> out this week and have just 1 issue to solve
>>> before I do. However, it only affects iPads and I don't have one of
>>> those. :(
>> Helpful/Unhelpful response,
>> Buy an iOS dev subscription ( and you'll have access to the "iOS Simulator". This will allow you too quickly test iPhone/iPad in different versions of iOS virtually on your mac. It is reliably accurate. You can show console.log (same as on device) OR use Safari's web inspector, which is more powerful for debugging.
>> P.S. I'm already a legend.
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