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[_] Got an iPad, know JS & PHP and got 20 mins? Become a legend!

Matt Pass matt at
Wed Jul 24 10:03:54 BST 2013

Hey underscore peeps

I'm trying to get ICEcoder v3 (open source web editor/IDE - see here out this week and have just 1 issue to solve before 
I do. However, it only affects iPads and I don't have one of those. :(

After you go to the demo (, tap on a file to 
open it and click on the text, it shows a text cursor but the keyboard 
doesn't appear and I don't know why. It works on PC, Mac, Android phones 
& tablets, just not an iPad it seems?

As I'm at a bit of a loss as to what's causing this, I've set up some 
other demos with bits chopped out to try and establish the cause. I 
figure if it doesn't work, hack bits out until it does :) - ORIGINAL - Same as 1 but editor area now shows 
CodeMirror instance (the core editing component) <> - 
Same as 1 but server info hidden <> - 
Same as 1 but server info hidden and lots of CodeMirror related JS removed

Can you tell me which of these works? If you also have a spare 10-20 
mins, you can grab the code from 
and try modifying editor.php to establish the cause.

Any help here in determining cause greatly appreciated!