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Steve James us.redpumas at
Tue Jul 23 16:16:45 BST 2013

On 23 July 2013 16:07, Oliver Humpage <oliver at> wrote:
> On 23 Jul 2013, at 16:04, Shane McEwan wrote:
>> On 23/07/13 15:40, Peter wrote:
>>> you'll get 60 eggs/month.
>> 60 eggs/month! Just imagine how much ice cream and meringues that would make! All I'd need is a sugar plantation and a cow and I'd be self sufficient! (Oh, and a cocoa and vanilla plantation too.)
> Bees. You must never forget the bees in self-suffiency.

Great advice chaps, thanks.

By the way unless you can get the exact species of bee from Mexico you
will have to do what they do in Madagascar and pollenate the vanilla
Until they discovered that by accident, Mexico was the sole producer
of Vanilla. It is fascinating, the discovery of how to manually
pollinate Vanilla eventually lead to the demise of the Mexican Vanilla
(don't think it is extinct)

By the way Oliver, spotted you yesterday and wanted to ask about the
electric wheel. I guess from the way you sped off up the A36 like
Chris Froome it is pretty good.