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[_] thinking of moving from iphone 3gs to nexus 4 - what you reckon

David Goodwin david at
Mon Jul 15 13:50:38 BST 2013

I moved from an iPhone4 to a Nexus4 in early Jan 2013 (I think).


- Chrome sync across platforms works well
- Google cloud / image sync works well with other android devices I have
- Google cloud / music sync works well ( etc)
- No more iTunes
- No more iPhoto
- MicroUSB charger - which means fewer leads required 
- Nexus 4 screen size is much better; I regard my iPhone as a toy now when I pick it up ("How did I manage to do anything on such a small screen?" etc).
- Better notifications 
- Widgets (e.g. Nagios, Battery Widget Reborn)
- More hackable - you could waste time with  
- Relatively cheap, no contract required. 
- Android app permissions are far more granular than iPhone ones (you have more control)
- Android allows you to place bandwidth limits (i.e. if I go over 300mb in a month warn or turn off carrier data etc etc).


- Nexus 4 is apparently quite fragile - I've seen reports from friends of the screen cracking etc - make sure you get a protector. 
- Nexus 4 without a case is very shiny/slippery [Get a case, Amazon have some for £3]
- Any paid for apps will need repurchasing when you move etc…
- iPhone has far more physical accessories / docks etc.
- Screensize is too large to use solely with one hand… 

My resident Android nerd/geek is telling me the Nexus 5 is likely to be announced/released in October. 

The Moto X is probably going to be sooner - see e.g


On 15 Jul 2013, at 12:49, Rick Hurst <rick.hurst at> wrote:

> On Mon, Jul 15, 2013 at 12:31 PM, juan kennaugh <contact at> wrote:
>> anyone got any thoughts on this
> I've been happy with my Nexus 4, coming from a 3GS. It made sense for
> my particular situation, as the nexus 4 was much cheaper off contract
> directly from google play than any iPhone.
> Syncing with iTunes is a PITA, but other than that no complaints -
> can't see me getting another iPhone in the near future at least.
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