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[_] Cycle stealing season?

mike karthauser mikek at
Sat Jul 13 09:01:02 BST 2013

It's easy pickings stealing bike parts and I bet outside the watershed is a particularly good place due to your clientele fine tastes. When I worked down near @bristol a few years back, I was alerted by the millenium square security guard that people had been trying to break the u lock on my bike and I ended up keeping it down in the cage next to the security guards office by the statues. Not surprisingly, parking it in the same place daily made it an obvious target. 
My approach since then has to ride my cheapest bike into town if I'm going to leave it and making sure there's no quick release components to slow down the teef. 
You've possibly come across atomic22 who make a range of security fastenings for bikes not sure what they do for break components though.
Lucky you found your brakes didn't work before you rode off. I had a gyro cable stolen from a Bmx years back which I didn't notice until I pulled the brake to stop which was a bit hairy..

On 12 Jul 2013, at 21:17, Steve James  <us.redpumas at> wrote:

> Oh no, that's awful.
> Don't tighten things up any tighter. perhaps use some thread lock,
> that might slow them down an extra 30 seconds. The anti-tamper might
> help also but not if they have the bits, but might help.
> Not having looked but you might be able to use thread wire like they
> do on aero-planes and race bikes. That would hamper them to.
> d=635&sei=UmPgUYveAYPD0QWayYCoBA
> Maybe engrave the items, it suck that you might need to deface them
> to make them identifiable and less nickable.
> Steve
> On 12 July 2013 19:00, Paddy <paddy at> wrote:
>> Hopefully it isn't a cycle stealing season, but I left work today to find my
>> lovely Shimano SLX brakes completely removed from my bike! It'll be about
>> £150 to replace them :-(
>> This was outside Watershed.
>> Hopefully it's just a one-off of someone who wanted a set of hydraulic
>> brakes (I'd just given them a good clean as well, though I'm glad I hadn't
>> bought new pads yet) rather than a spate of component thefts.
>> They didn't do much damage to the bike and left me the bolts behind, and
>> left me the cheapo twistgrip.
>> Any thoughts on avoiding future brake thefts? I could replace the allen
>> bolts with anti-tamper ones, but wouldn't any sensible thief have a pocket
>> full of different bits? They had 2 or 3 different sizes to undo the levers,
>> twist grip and brakes. Or I could do up the bolts r e a l l y  t i g h t?
>> I'm wondering if they used a power driver to do it quickly, hence the
>> scattered bolts. But that would've attracted attention I suppose.
>> Anyway, I hope it doesn't happen to you, and if anyone offers you some cheap
>> SLX brakes...
>> - Paddy
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