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[_] Should kids learn C++ or PHP

Tim Wintle timwintle at
Fri Jul 12 13:27:06 BST 2013

On Fri, 2013-07-12 at 12:23 +0100, Dan Course wrote:
> So I've been wondering, with the changes to the curriculum pupils will start learning about coding/algorithms… 
> However, should they learn a particular language, like Ruby because it's new and online… C++ 'cos it's low level and on a device or… is all that irrelevant, they should learn a language and basic programming skills which will mean they can go to any language they want?

For kids:

I don't think it's important - as long as it's turing-complete then it
should be fine as it's the build up of logic that I think is important.
LOGO / Turtle / whatever it's called these days would be good - or RM
used to have a program called "logicator" where you'd program using
flowcharts via a GUI.

For anyone who actually wants to program (i.e. not forced on everyone):

I definitely think:

 * Something where you manage your memory and datastructures.

 * A purely functional language.

.. my recommendations being C and Scheme, but that might just be me.