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[_] The joys of project managers

Ryan T Nerd bristol.developer.ryan at
Wed Jul 10 15:37:27 BST 2013

My personal favourite is...

5. Add process
Process leads to productivity

The best way to demonstrate your value to the team is by introducing
process. Rules grease the wheels of progress. Look for opportunities to
schedule update meetings, daily briefings, and all-day reviews. Keep your
engineers productive by requiring them to fill out tracking spreadsheets,
status reports, and cross-functional executive update emails. If you don’t
do it, nobody will. Get going: those voicemails aren’t going to “touch
base” by themselves!

Seriously, when did IT begin to get infected with these types? Back in the
day we didn't have any of that nonsense and stuff still got done, faster
and with greater efficiency. Ladies and gentlemen, if your web design
company is struggling, may I suggest you fire your project manager?

On 10 July 2013 14:12, Mark Chitty <mark.chitty at> wrote:

> #3 "Comprehension only leads to disappointment"
> brilliant, I would send it to some project managers but I'm concerned it
> would be taken literally ... also, I didn't realise 'ideating' was actually
> a word ...
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