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[_] Where would you start ?

Craig Francis craig at
Thu Feb 28 09:38:49 GMT 2013

On 28 Feb 2013, at 08:15, Karl McClelland <karl at> wrote:
> We only met briefly but he was saying they were top of page one for some of
> the following:
> holiday cottage bath
> holiday cottage large parties (and groups)
> holiday cottage wiltshire
> holiday cottage hen parties

Maybe they didn't just drop from page 1 overnight... they are some pretty vague search terms, and for a site which appears to have few links to it, I suspect they used to appear on page 1 when the site was first launched (guessing at the age, strange custom doctype, table based layout, etc, rather than the copyright 2013 in the HTML).

Taking the first search as an example... your already fighting against "", which for me is only just appearing on the first page.

Also, it might be that the person who noticed the change (the client), has just recently deleted the cookies on their browser.

As in, Google has personalised the search results for them, knowing they wanted to go to that website for those terms?

Note, kind of links to the site, but goes via a gateway url... not sure if that might be a recent change?