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[_] videojs - on blackberry bold 9700 OS6 - update

Martin Wheatley martin at
Mon Feb 25 12:31:51 GMT 2013

On 25/02/2013 11:59, juan kennaugh wrote:
> by the way - I tried lots of things trying to get videojs to play on BB.
> didn't have time to look into the deep settings of handbrake so used
> this solution:
> I used this lovely looking tool to convert mp4 (h264) to mp4 (mpeg-4):
> videojs doesnt like these files to I am just making a link to the video
> file directly for BB. thing is my BB played the mp4 I made on friday but
> doesnt like it anymore and just askes me if I want to download it (which
> I cant cos of available space on phone).
> anyway - I tried changing the file name suffix from 'mp4' to 'mpg' and
> it works fine.
> hopefully that will be helpful to someone.
> Cheers
> Juan

Are you sending the right mime types, if you changed the extension it 
sounds like that might be the issue.