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[_] OSX on VMWare

Andy Davies dajdavies at
Tue Feb 19 12:08:50 GMT 2013

On 19 February 2013 11:38, Oliver Humpage <oliver at> wrote:

> On 19 Feb 2013, at 11:32, Andy Davies wrote:
> > Does anyone have any experience of running OSX on VMWare, if so what was
> it
> > like from a stability point of view?
> Quick licensing note: you're only allowed to install OS X, virtualised or
> bare metal, on Mac hardware. I.e. to be legal, it'd need to be a Mac,
> running (say) VMWare Fusion, with your test OS Xs virtualised on it.
Thanks, knew about the licensing restriction, if Apple still supplied
decent servers I might understand it but... suspect host may well be ESXi
running on Mac Mini Server as it's hardly a CPU intensive scenario.