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[_] Decent Finder replacement with tabbing

Ryan T Nerd bristol.developer.ryan at
Fri Feb 15 09:10:50 GMT 2013

Would agree the keyboard is ludicrous. It does seem at times that Apple are
being different for the sake of it rather than for any actual improvement.
And I still hate the window controls on the top left (Ubuntu recently made
that switch of course and it's not cool, first thing I do on an ubuntu
install is switch it back, though these days I'm more inclined to just go
straight to Mint if I want a quick simple install or Debian for something
that's a bit more mission-critical). I suspect the only reason I'd ever
have for owning a mac is to build iOS software (I suspect that as smooth as
my VM runs OSX on my ludicrous laptop, it'd probably get on my nerves

On Fri, Feb 15, 2013 at 8:30 AM, Steve James <us.redpumas at> wrote:

> On 15 February 2013 07:27, Adam Nicholls <inkysplat at> wrote:
> > I'm in the same position, as a long time linux and windows user, I find
> Mac frustrating sometimes to get around. And anyone who says "it's just
> like Linux needs a slap", nothing is where I expect to find it on the file
> system and the Desktop lacks some configurability and isn't exactly
> intuitive. The saving grace for the Desktop has been Spotlight. Also the
> hardest part has been learning the keyboard layout which is a mind bender
> took me a week to discover that ctrl click os right click, and alt 3 is
> hash...
> >
> All the above really put me off getting a mac, I was on the point of
> buying one, tried the new trackpad in the Apple store. It was enough
> to send off to buy a Lenovo Think Pad SL500.
> Now I've made the switch I love it. I feel the track pad and keyboard
> short cuts are now something that make me feel locked in. CMD + v for
> pasting now feels so much more natural as my hand pivots around my
> thumb on CMD rather than stretching from my little finger. Alt +  3
> isn't as bad a problem for me as I had anticipated.
> Steve
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