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[_] Snowboarding trip insurance recommendations

Steve James us.redpumas at
Thu Feb 14 11:37:10 GMT 2013

On 14 February 2013 11:08, Matt Hamilton <matth at> wrote:

> I did call the AA to recover my motorbike after it was stolen and joyridden to the bottom of a big hill near where I live. It was not ridable back home (ignition bust) and AA wouldn't recover it as it hadn't technically 'broken down' it had been 'stolen'.

I bet that would not have happened in the old days when the AA was the
Automobile Association before the carpet baggers agreed to flog it to

Saying that when my Vectra cam belt broke (water pump seized, smashed
valves etc) the AA guy took it all the way to Almondsbury where my
mate (who has own garage) said I'd be better off fixing it myself and
then turned round and dropped it off at Knowle. Now I guess its within
the drivers discretion as to how he reports things.

So you had bad luck with either a jobsworth or somebody under pressure
not to able to be sensible.