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[_] Wireless recommendations

Andrew McGregor andy at
Wed Feb 13 10:29:17 GMT 2013

> The wireless though seems like a constant point of unreliability, i'm
> not sure if I'm simply asking too much of a single access point. We
> have about 12 computers attached under normal operation. I have
> switched the AP for different ones in the past.

According to Xirrus[1] Wifi traffic grows near 10 times per year.
This is a constant headache for me.  Whilst your use-case is quite
different to mine, actually each of mine are different to each other
.. hopefully this will work for you too.

Switch off Wifi on your ADSL router, and keep that as routing/dhcp
only.  Use multiple AP's and turn the power down to the lowest
setting.  Most AP's don't provide user access to the power level via
the web control panel, but these ZyXEL's[2] do.  The downside being
the model I have doesn't support 5ghz.  If you do get a 5ghz then make
sure it works simultaneously to 2.4ghz - but I've not had the
opportunity to prove this is a good idea yet.



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