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[_] Amazon Glacier for Off-Site Backup

Shane McEwan shane at
Tue Feb 12 11:03:46 GMT 2013

On 12/02/13 10:49, Tim Wintle wrote:
> I don't see how any of these cloud backup companies (who almost all use
> Amazon S3) can possibly come close to the price or service levels of S3
> themselves.

I assume they're getting some sort of discount from Amazon S3. I'm sure 
Amazon would offer you a pretty good price if you're buying petabytes 
from them.

You'd want to be pretty sure these companies are gonna stick around if 
you're storing the family jewels with them. Backups for DR are not so 
much of a problem as, hopefully, you'll not need to restore anything and 
you can just start backing up to a different company and hope things 
don't blow up during the transition phase. I'd think twice about storing 
my only copy of something with a single company. I'd at least want a 
second copy with another company (and probably a third copy sitting on a 
shelf somewhere).