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[_] Amazon Glacier for Off-Site Backup

Martin Wheatley martin at
Mon Feb 11 16:51:15 GMT 2013

On 11/02/2013 16:41, James Bewley wrote:
> Has anyone had experience with Amazon Glacier?
> It seems like a good fit for off-site backup/disaster recovery and at 1
> cent per GB/Month it's not exactly hard on the wallet.  I'm thinking of
> using this for storing nightly/weekly backups of
> less operationally critical data (code repositories, documents, accounts
> etc).
> My searches for Glacier clients have turned up a couple of libraries that
> wrap the AWS API but nothing that works as a backup agent `out-of-the-box`.
>   An rsync style tool for incremental backups on Linux would be ideal.
> James
> might work.