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[_] How to predict audience growth

Martin Joiner martin at
Mon Feb 11 16:20:39 GMT 2013

@Shane McEvan: I have 3 years of Google Analytics data to play with so on
your advice I will discover what curve I have. Thanks.

@Tim Wintle: Thanks for those terms, I will get Googling and reading!

@Rob Jonson: Thanks for tips. To answer your questions... I run the site as
my gift to the performing community so am not interested in profit/loss (I
earn my megabucks by working for Comcar). There is lots of competition but
they are all rubbish (think 1996 "my first website" style). The advertising
revenue pays for the hosting, that's the entire business model. I use it as
my playground for coding and I seem to get enormous satisfaction from
running the site. Maybe one day this feeling will end.

@Mark Chitty: I don't know how it has reached the success it has so far. I
think I just built a neat functional common sense site that is well
optimised for search engines and have slowly become /the/ place to
advertise open mic events. I have no radical future plans, just more of the
core principles of accuracy and ease of access.

@Anyone else. If you want to collaborate to analyse data or test ideas I'd
be happy to use my site as a gineapig, providing what you suggest doesn't
deviate from the core principles. Cheers all! Underscore prevails once more!