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[_] Virgin Super Hub - oh dear.

Dan Fairs dan.fairs at
Mon Feb 11 13:40:01 GMT 2013

> Mine works fine , I've heard there is a high defect rate with these .
> Virginmedia will send you a spare if you ask nicely.
> I also noticed the superhub is unusually sensitive to having things right
> next to it. Give it plenty of space and it works fine. This could be
> airflow or signal.
> Mine happily does 150mbit wireless all day through the floor.

+1. It outperforms my powerline/homeplug adapters on newish wiring (they only reach around 120mbit).

It's certainly not the most capable/tweakable router out there, but it does the job well enough for me not to feel compelled to switch it to modem mode and add a dedicated wifi box.

The physical design is terrible though - ethernet cables sticking out of one edge, and the fibre cable entering at 90 degrees to it. It means the thing seems to need about a cubic metre just to sit in!

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