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[_] UPS +1s please

Philip Coombes philip.coombes at
Mon Feb 11 10:39:10 GMT 2013

I have three refurbed APC Smart 1500va UPSs that I got from Andy the UPS 
man on the UKHA (Home Automation) mailing list. I can give you his email 
address on request, he's very helpful. I also got network cards for all 
of them so you can log into via the web for admin and get emailed alerts 
etc though you don't need to have them.

I'm pretty pleased with them and my relatively old ReadyNAS NV+ connects 
into one of them and responds as expected and shuts down as the battery 
is depleted. Which is good because even though it has a RAID filesystem 
it will take several hours to check and resync itself after a power 
loss, and is unavailable for all that time.


On 11/02/2013 10:19, Tim Wintle wrote:
> On Mon, 2013-02-11 at 09:56 +0000, Dan Course wrote:
>> It's time for a UPS after a weekend power cut… we only need one for powering our HDD server, Synology DS410
> (in _ fashion ;)
> A UPS will only power the machine for a very short time - so they're
> really designed to keep stuff running while you either switch to a
> backup power supply or power down the hardware safely.
> Fancy UPSes will let you query them to power down automatically, but
> (last time I checked) you needed special drivers to poll the UPS, and
> that probably wouldn't work with an integrated NAS.
> A RAID'ed NAS _shouldn't_ suffer data loss after having the power cut if
> there's a "sane" filesystem on the device (journalling etc), and the
> RAID is set to writethrough. I keep my personal NAS behind a simple
> surge protector - I do keep my main machine behind a UPS so I have
> warning to save my work, but last time the power cut fully it detected a
> surge and powered itself down immediately as a safety measure :-(  I'm
> probably past the supported life time to be fair.
> Tim