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[_] Webcast Enquiry

Clive Hunt clive.hunt at
Fri Feb 8 09:47:59 GMT 2013

Hi All.

The company I now work for have quarterly webcasts that are produced
Live and go out from our CEO to our shareholders. We then have a copy
of the recording placed on our website for all to view. Our current
service provider has ceased trading and so we are looking for the
following, can anyone help.

A camera guy with good audio, lighting rig and skills to produce a 30
- 60 minute video once a quarter usually from our offices in Midsomer
Norton, though from time to time this may be from a location in

Someone who is dynamic and versatile and able to adapt to very quick
changing situations.

Someone that has the ability to provide a webcast that is streamed
live (no more than a few seconds delay), to a server and where that
server accepts live questioning in a form of instant messenger. The
questions must be able to be vetted before being shown to protect
NDA's and other sensitive data.

If you do know of someone then please ask them to contact me offlist.

Many Thanks,


p.s. we are ideally looking for an individuals not full video
production companies.

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